Shenzhen Duo Li Duo Technology Co., Ltd. (Didfan) specialized in producing DC compact brushless fans, like Dc axial flow fan, Dc blower fan, Dc centrifugal fan. we have developed a variety of low noise, strong air volume, high stability and long life products, which is widely used for industrial, medical, home appliances, consumer electronics, and other fields. such as industrial equipment, servers, new energy, communication equipment, medical equipment, instruments and meters, stage lights, cabinets, industrial power supply, ventilation and heat dissipation system, air purification, heating and cooling ventilation system, military and other products and other industries. We will always provide customers with reliable quality and stable performance of the fan, according to customer requirements to develop a variety of structure and performance of the cooling fan, and real-time technical communication with customers, respond to customer needs in short time, and help customers select the most suitable products in the shortest time. We will also collect relevant information and carry out forward-looking development according to the market situation and customer demand tendency. To expand product performance advantages and product series.

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